Individual sessions are geared towards navigating life’s problems and challenges, addressing feelings of depression and anxiety, processing past experiences, working on relationship issues, enhancing communication skills, discovering unknown gifts and strengths, exploring marginalized aspects of self, creating a more positive self-image, fostering personal development, and approaching life with more meaning, creativity, and fun.


Couple sessions offer an open and nonjudgmental environment where couples can explore their relationship dynamics, communication styles, reoccurring conflicts and patterns, differences in sexual desire, financial strains,  family dynamics, and parenting challenges. Couple sessions may also focus on expressing hopes and fears, facilitating mutual understanding, honoring the more mythical aspects of the relationship, and revisiting the intimacy and energy that first brought you together. 


These sessions address the unique physical, emotional, and psychological experiences that accompany pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. Sessions may focus on self-image and your changing body, hopes and fears about giving birth, processing previous pregnancy and birth experiences, defining your identity as a parent, examining societal pressures and expectations, transitioning from a couple to a family, getting through the “baby blues,” and parenting with awareness and intention. For more information on these services, please link here: