My approach to counseling is non-pathological, which means I don’t believe that a person’s problems indicate there is something “wrong” with them. Instead, I believe that when life’s challenges are unfolded with curiosity, awareness, and respect, they reveal valuable insights and creative solutions that make life more meaningful and engaging.

My therapeutic style focuses on valuing people’s diverse aspects, engaging in thought-provoking discussions, honoring the symbolic and mythic, suggesting new ways of looking at familiar problems, and encouraging paths towards change and personal growth. I balance attentive listening with engaging dialogue, experiential techniques, and alternative perspectives.

My multifaceted, forward-looking approach combines the principles of  individual, couples, and family counseling with the theoretical foundations of Mindell’s Process-Oriented Psychology, O’Hanlon’s Possibility Therapy, and Jung’s Analytical Psychology. I also enjoy working with nighttime dreams.